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Bruno Mars has been accused by a 1980s female rap group of swiping their song for his mega hit “Uptown Funk.” The Sequence, one of the first female rap groups, is claiming that Mars used their 1979 hi.

Wondering which is the ultimate song for any dance move? Guess what, we have the answer here. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk is all you need to have on your playlist and guys! you are all set.

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s 2014 hit “Uptown Funk” is the subject of a lawsuit from a 1980s funk band that says they copied their work. TMZ reports that the two artists are being sued by members of C.

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. titled “UpTown Spot”, which features its SpotMini dog-like robot dancing to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. The robotics company.

We tipped you off a couple weeks back that “Locked Out of Heaven” collaborators Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars were teaming up once more for the lead single off Ronson’s upcoming fourth album. Now “Uptown.

it’s no shocker that Bruno Mars is a perfectionist — but he holds himself to standards so high that some of his greatest hits nearly didn’t make the final cut. “That shit was in the trash can,” he say.

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson have been sued for copyright infringement over their hit single “Uptown Funk,” TMZ reports. The complaint, obtained by Pitchfork, was filed by the Minneapolis electro-funk b.

There is apparently no call to the dance floor quite like Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ "Uptown Funk" — at least if you’re a dad. How else could you explain this compilation video by Tastefully Offensi.

On the one hand, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. According to TMZ, ’80s electro-funk band Collage has filled a lawsuit against Mars and Ronson, claiming the similarities between their 1983 song “Young.

TMZ reports that Bruno Mars and ’80s funk band Collage have settled their lawsuit over Mars’ song with Mark Ronson “Uptown Funk.” Both agreed to drop the case permanently, but it’s unknown if a paymen.

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Bruno Mars, producer Mark Ronson, four record labels and others involved with the huge 2014 hit Uptown Funk are the subject of a new copyright infringement lawsuit. Minneapolis funk group Collage – wh.

The song originally had six credited songwriters — Mark, Bruno, Bruno’s partner Phillip. does sound a lot like the song’s Up-town-funk-you-up breakdown. Listen to both (below) and decide! The Uptow.

Two years after the song’s release, Bruno Mars is still getting sued for his Grammy-winning single, “Uptown Funk.” According to TMZ, 1970’s female rap group The Sequence is suing Mars claiming his son.

Mark Ronson calls back to the ’60s for his latest track, the funk-heavy “Uptown Funk” featuring Bruno Mars. “Uptown Funk” is the first track off Ronson’s upcoming album, Uptown Special, his fourth ful.

The superstar singer, along with Mark Ronson (who technically released the song) are being sued for allegedly stealing. FEATURE: Bruno Mars: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Superstar Maybe the b.

The late ’70s girl group The Sequence is reportedly accusing Bruno Mars of sonically jacking one of their songs for his ridiculously popular hit “Uptown Funk.” According to TMZ, the song in question i.

“Uptown Funk” is truly a song that doesn’t seem to want to go away, but this time for all the wrong reasons. The mega-hit by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars has already been in hot water thanks to some com.

Album art for 24 K Magic Both as a solo artist and with his team of hit-making writer-producers the Smeezingtons, Bruno Mars has now been making. And to keep things fresh, as on “Uptown Funk,” Mars.

“Locked Out of Heaven” collaborators Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars have teamed up once more for “Uptown Funk,” the lead single off Ronson’s upcoming album Uptown Special (due out on January 27), and they.

Yet another group of artists claim Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson ripped off its music in their 2014 mega-hit "Uptown Funk." Collage — a 1980s funk band — fired off a lawsuit against the popular hit-maker.

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